Breed the Sharks

by Ferocious Lopez

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Ferocious Lopez - Breed The Sharks

All Rights Reserved.

Recorded at Ranscombe Studios by Brendan Esmonde.
Mixed By Jim Riley.

Special Thanks to Jake Heath and Seb Skelly.


released March 27, 2017

Vocals, Lyrics, Alto Sax - Luke Spain
Tenor Sax - Jake Heath
Trumpet - Seb Skelly
Guitar - Aj Bunting
Bass - Lee Thatcher
Drums - James Chaisuk



all rights reserved


Ferocious Lopez Kent, UK

Dirty Reggae Funk with a Hip hop twist from Kent UK

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Track Name: Redesign
Redesign lyrics

Freedom we accept, to bring exactly what you don’t expect
The mainstream turned from a river to a flood
And tried to sweep out all of our legs
Still stood here contempt with a cup of tea
Tucked up in the warmth because outside’s a little nippy
Picking up the need for the bigger things
By keeping the focus on our sound

So burn your bridges or end up swimming with the fishes
I’m here to earn your best wishes not concerned with the digits
In a world that provides, where’s the need to work us
Our purpose is left worthless by our media circus
We aim to supersede our own sound
By picking away at the mix until we break some ground
That’s how the greats they found
Coming on leaps and bounds
Getting up for the mash up and forgetting the pounds

And these powers that be are the first cowards to flee
The two towered deceit, proven by these petrol receipts
I nip through the weeks with Friday night in my focus
to see another level of this delightful blokes mess
still waking up with a spring in my soul
these high hopes were dashed by guide ropes and tent poles
get off the doll slurp up a shamans bowl
knowledge is a porridge that’s best retained whole

The rest restrain goals, left like vacant hovels
Drowning their sorrows forgetting the best of their morals
I never thought I’d become one of the sheep man
A day of my week goes straight to the south eastern
Tools and trains will rot my balls and brains
Until all I have left is my right to complain
Took music to teach me I’m better than that
Another level of a terrible satirical twat

Take your time and take your share
This universe provides all of our welfare

To live in fear of Muslims or beer’d up hoodlums
To empty stares I say my prayers through woodwind
Yes all day I hear the fans go
Not the ones from shows but the hums from grows
Stay honest to the people that stick by
Stay modest like a pupil in the public eye
Stray and digress from the depths of the stress
Set to impress a let your breath do the rest.
Track Name: Breed The Sharks
Breed The Sharks Lyrics

Its time for me to knuckle down
Turn my frown upside down
Commute, compute, eat up and get my head down

Keep running upon the rat wheel until my back kills
Then kill it again on the weekend to a crowd in a field
I love music with a little degree of intimacy
Not thousands of people watching some pressing play on a cd
Take a look around, its time we made sense of our senseless towns

Feel the possibilities of being free
This mind wont be changed by the change it don’t see
I’ve been scoping out this world it seems a mess to me
The best of me suppressed by my fesanine tendencies
Grabbing a pen to scribble pimp on the matter at hand
While our leaders try to frack this land
So tell me Mr Cameron, what was the plan?
Slipped us further into debt to slide further into ham

We bring our true selves to you
When we jam these tunes
Winning or losing never picking or choosing
Tearing down the need for their abusing
Whether winning or loosing

Its time to live this life on the upside
Its time to be a better man
Its time for me to go back to my
Original plan
Because a man who wears his good intentions
Upon his sleeve
He wont feel the need for greed
Because you cant breed yourself with money

They are keeping us scared and lonely feeling lost in the dark
That’s how they breed us into sharks
They try to keep us scared feeling lost in the dark
That’s how you breed a shark
Track Name: Impassive Renegades
Impassive Renegades Lyrics

Look at that bloke in a fez and clown suit
The kind of band I could sit down to
Suits and service, tables and chairs
Evening dress and slick back hair
An overall, theme to the evening
Never trying to lift that ceiling
Normality it seems the key
When you spread indifference evenly

We’re the type to end up
Playing to a room full of messes
We get the girls who wear trainers with their dresses
And the blokes that look a state
This is the path that we chose
Impassive renegades

We exist, and it doesn’t need a reason
Our paths just pass from season to season
Recently, I had a bit of an epiphany
Just do what makes you happy

So we began to sing about the seeds in our minds
And the souls at our feet
Got the people in this city making music all so sweet
The sounds they reverb off the walls until they are heard
Spreading as faster than the word of mouth
There is no better place than this little place in the south east
Surely not
Track Name: Control the Soul
Control the Soul Lyrics

Hear me roar ‘till I’m gone
I’ve been the plundering underdog in my town for so long
I soon forgot my balls they aren’t bigger than my boots
But I’ll never forget my roots in the “loops”

I’m…. just another little twat in a snap back
Dribbling like your siblings when they’re slurping up their big mac’s
Retract your bitch claws, pause. Take a step back
I’ll feed your mug a finger and your smug face a Kit Kat.
BRRR I’m getting a chill from this beat, we’re not mates yet
So consider this a meet and greet, an introduction bringing forth my deductions
To “Inflaminate” enough greenery my sub conscience wont function
I see myself up in a haze, while google out there try to map the maze
I’ve made these tunes for days no need to be singing my praises
Just come and join in with the vibes this music creates

Try to find the balance between work and play
I better do it soon or I’ll regret it one day
My mind has tried to show this universe at play
Through fractal contortions lead by flawless singularity
I keep hearing about these rich elites
Here’s a little message for the “illuminati”
What? A bunch of old fools with cobwebs for balls
Spouting illusions so there lives don’t feel so pitiful

This life, it’s all in your control
It’s up to you to find your soul.
The chance is there, now you’ve just got to take it
Or smash your soul until you break it.

The return of the dark ages
Kids running around as mages
Buy a ford and some plasterboard
To decorate our cages
Lyrically smitten for ages
Spitting like a kitten with the shits and the rabies

I’m strait to the bar though
The twat italiano
Raised on a steady flow
Of chips and Meccano
Cup of tea? It’s been picked in China
Same factory built Bruce Jenner’s vagina

Celebrity’s begging to be part of our culture
When all they have to offer is a range rover
Infiltrate the bait with your face upon a poster
You poser I’ve seen more depth within my toaster
The world’s absurd leaving me in creases
To drizzle shredded Wheaties from the nipple of a different species
Trip and fall just to scoop up their pieces
Or pick your next tool
To unclip the leashes

This life, it’s all in your control
It’s up to you to find your soul.
The chance is there, now you’ve just got to take it
Or smash your soul until you break it.
Track Name: Another Day
Another Day in Syria - Lyrics

Had a little - realization today
That it's running full pelt to breaking nations away.
They say "stay brave son"
And give him a game with a gun
It's plus one fun stun hunts in the sun
Now he's on that march with his boots and a boom stick
Didn't have a chance - their advanced and he knew this.
Tried to take a stance - second class and a new hit
Straight through the heart broke apart for the new kid

And here we are
Just another day in Syria
The global media creating hysteria inferior to who we are
It's a little bit peculiar
They didn't want to listen to the clues showing who we all are
Just another day in Syria

I'm sitting jamming out on my saxophone, in my pants at home
While you’re picking the weeds out of your little patio
I see the problem though
These elites won't stop till our souls are owned
Picking up guns and fighting
Mate - I can barely be arsed writing
The UN are fluent being pricks with the guns that we're supplying
I can say prick man, people are dying
Still being held up by the where and the whining
Just another day in Syria

You indoctrinate manipulate that's what this is
Another generation
Another set of kids, coz their gonna run amuck and now they’re doing all this shit
Coz they lack love - and the prime minister’s a prick
They don't understand
Where the evil is at, quick snap back believe able
Something more conceivable
I got the next issue man - you better read it all
The problem is the papers
It is poison for the people

So I awaken, to a brighter place I splash my face
picking up my feet again for the paper chase,
This life is great give it a fresh bit of bait, a hook and a roach book and I'll fucking savor the taste.
The Middle East is getting picked to bits
While I’ve got dominoes on the phone and I'm complaining about the dips
Those bombs are dropping in all of our names, so we can pass the spiffs but not the blame.

And here we are
Just another day in Syria
The global media creating hysteria inferior to who we are
It's a little bit peculiar
They didn't want to listen to the clues showing who we all are
Just another day in Syria